Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2009

From Genova to Tiznit

2 days on the ferry from Genova to Tanger. We were not the only truck bringing trash to Africa: lots of immigrant workers bring European trash back home.

On November 26th at 1:30 p.m. picking up Eva from the airport in Casablanca. Then heading through Morocco on the search for trash dividends for our shareholders. Some discoveries so far in Oulidia, Agadir, and on the route along the streets, on the seaside and in old Kasbahs at Anti Atlas.

In Morocco and West Sahara trash companies are privatised and in the hands of European companies from France, Spain and Belgium. The garbage trucks are quite new and in very good condition. People are irritated when asked about trash, but then have interesting stories to tell about it - as well as the trash itself does.

The country is quite clean, with trash islands in between. Here we found our treasures (see choice of pictures)

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